Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Yaara Gooner

Head of Architecture and Design at LabTech

Grant is a Partner in the Workplace Consultancy team at Foster + Partners. Having studied medicine before moving into inte

Yaara Gooner is the creative eye behind the carefully designed spaces. She transforms properties to create hubs of enterprise, designed for wellbeing, productivity and growth.

Prior to LABS, Yaara was an architect and designer at Baranowitz + Kronenberg where she led interior design projects for high-end hospitality properties in Israel and Europe. This role developed Yaara’s personal interior style, studying the conditions and characteristics of iconic buildings and developing designs that complemented their key features. A specialist in premium and boutique design, Yaara has worked across five-star hotels, luxury restaurants and flagship commercial property.

Through her work with LABS Collective, Yaara guides workers on bringing world-leading workspace plan to a domestic setting, embracing the convenience and comfort of a home while making it a place of focused work. Each of her spaces are designed to enable productivity, inspire ideas and encourage creativity, whilst celebrating the iconic architecture and surroundings across Holborn and Camden.

Yaara is a highly commended designer and architect, during her studies her final project was awarded the Highest Achievement Award by the Azrieli Architecture Competition for her creativity, originality and architectural quality. After graduating Yaara joined Kimmel Eshkolot Architects where she was part of an award-winning team, winning first prize architectural competitions and bids to work on landmark projects.

Passionate about using design and architecture to improve lives and transform areas, Yaara has lead pro-bono projects to help local communities. Notably leading a team of architects to renovate a drug rehabilitation centre in Tel Aviv, following a complex set of psychological and social criteria and severe land constraints.

rior architecture, Grant has over 20 years’ experience bringing a research-based, results-oriented approach to design. Credited with designing “The Office of the Future” by the Financial Times, Grant believes that good design penetrates deep beyond the surface to impact performance and to enhance resilience.

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