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Sue Glew

Programme Director, The Better Workplace Programme, BT

I am the Programme Director for all of the colleague elements of BT’s Better Workplace Programme, working in partnership with BT’s Property team in the delivery of this huge and complex transformation programme.

Before BT I have earned my stripes as a deeply experienced change lead, operating at Programme Director level for several years in large and complex organisations. I understand change, I know how to get things done, and I love making change happen in a positive, constructive way that delivers great results.

My specialisms: change management, engagement and communication, business transformation, strategy development and implementation, customer focus, programme & project management.

My experience: originally grounded in financial services, broadened over the years in retail, utilities (gas, electricity and water), construction, energy services, leisure, pharmaceuticals and media.

I was self-employed for 16 years, enjoying interim work (hence the wide range of roles and organisations) as well as making the most of the chance to spend time in my (then) home in France, taking deliberate breaks in between assignments. I decided to join BT permanently in 2018 with the fantastic irresistible opportunity to lead a long term transformation programme.

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