Workspace Design Show

Destination Workplace: Places Where People Want to Be

27 – 28 February 2024
Business Design Centre, London

The community hub for workspace design enthusiasts

27 – 28 February 2024

Business Design Centre, London



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What's shaping tomorrow’s workspace?

Workspace Design Show brings together the UK’s workplace interiors community to explore the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

Now more than ever, the future is based on togetherness, collaboration, and the spirit of cooperation. Workspaces need to create environments that foster creativity and innovation, while also being agile for the flexible working models that people require.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the UK’s leading workspace interiors and design event, bringing you networking, thought leadership and the latest products to transform offices.

Attended by designers, architects and occupiers

Workspace Design Show commands an impressive attendance of over 3000 visitors annually, who flock to behold the latest and most innovative products from around the world. 

With captivating displays from local designers, interior brands, and manufacturers, attendees are immersed in a world of creativity and innovation. 

As a hub for serious buyers, this event offers unparalleled opportunities for professionals and creative minds to expand their networks, explore new ideas, and conduct business.

Features dedicated to the workplace industry

Workspace Design Talks

The Workspace Design Talks conference is a winning highlight of the show where interior designers, architects and end-user occupiers gather to discuss trends, challenges, and innovations concerning workspaces. Sponsorship opportunities are available where sponsors can design and curate the conference lounge; this year’s lounge was curated by The Furniture Practice.

The Lounge By BDP

‘Change by Design’ was a lounge space concept carefully curated by BDP for the visitors at Workspace Design Show. It was a discussion piece surrounding the current climate crisis, and questions the impact of workplace design on the natural environment. It represents a problem-solving approach that showcases the use of recycled, reused and biomaterials in design projects helping to shape a low-carbon future.

The Revival Bar

The launch party for Workspace Design Show took place at the Revival Bar designed by M Moser Associates. It was a place of inspiration allowing visitors to restore and recharge themselves throughout the day. The concept for this bar was inspired by the sponsor’s mission to reduce waste and repurpose discarded materials. The goal was to give these items a new lease of life and spark curiosity and conversation. The space which aims to take you from a state of flux to stasis.

Entrance By Gensler

A curated design installation pulled together by the interior design and architecture studio, Gensler. They were inspired by the synergy of the new workplace and how the community can care for the planet, and how as designers they can create pioneering and sustainable design. It’s about fresh perspectives to enable new ways of working and create unique and tailored destinations for people, hence the overarching theme of rebirth.
Design & Build Partner:

Moodboard Contest

Hosted by Kvadrat, the competition allowed visitors to interact with an exhibitor stand and create moodboards using exhibitor products and materials. Winners were offered weekend getaways and also gift bags from the exhibitor.

Award Competitions

This year Workspace Design Show invited FIS Innovation Awards to hold their awards ceremony at the London event. These awards recognise outstanding innovation in the finishes and interiors sector across various categories.

Bio Materials Exhibition

Placing biological systems at the heart of BIOHM’ inspiration, they combine ideologies of the circular economy and human-centred design with future-tech to create a step-change in building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

Workspace Design Show Party

Sponsored by Future Designs, the show party was an exclusive gathering of the industry’s best and most creative design minds, allowing exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to interact and network with the attendees in a more casual, relaxed setting.

Drinks Sponsor:

Workspace Design Show, Amsterdam

Workspace Design Show will take place in Amsterdam from 11 – 12 October 2023 at the RAI, bringing together the Benelux workplace interiors community to explore the experience of tomorrow’s workspaces.

Be part of the Netherlands’ leading workspace event, bringing you networking, thought leadership and the latest products to transform offices.

Meet the buyers looking for your products

View the show highlights

“I came to the show today because I’m always interested in seeing new products. The Workspace Design Show offers the opportunity to see and learn, a fortune for education. The highlight for me has been the talk program, and the entire shows huge sustainability focus. There’s a definite sense of people truly embracing sustainability and highlighting its importance, including M Moser, our bar, for example is made from fully recycled/ on loan products. I would highly recommend attending the show next year, it is a brilliant chance to learn – everyday is a school day, and to meet many people through a shared interest in the design sector.”

Gurvinder Khurana, M Moser Associates

“The WDS is a great opportunity to have a detailed insight into what suppliers are presenting. Post Covid you can tell everyone is ready to see familiar and new faces again. The highlight for me has been how busy the show is, incredible turnout, everyone is talking, it’s the perfect place for the sector to come together. I would definitely recommend attending the show next year, it offers the chance to be on top of the industry, an event to learn and connect with everyone in the same place.”

Beatriz Gonzalez, Scott Brownrigg

“A brilliant opportunity to hear diverse views and find out with others are doing in the industry. Highly recommend – a show that brings the entire industry together, therefore making the Workspace Design Show a great place to network.”

Natalie Smith, Perkins&Will

“As an exhibition host myself, I love to support such an influential sector, with the ability to raise awareness on leading agendas. The highlight for me has been the incredible talks programme, the people, connections and networking opportunities. Every sector needs a meeting point.”

William Knight, Renew Consultancy

“Fantastic opportunity to network, efficient way of seeing new releases. Networking with some of the best designer thinkers in the industry.Brilliant place to see exhibitors and new products in the flesh.”

Charlotte McCarthy, Heatherwick Studios

“A fantastic opportunity to showcase our products to the whole sector. One of the best shows we’ve ever been to; the quality of the people has been incredible.”

Warren Fitzpatrick, Yo-Yo Pod

“Such a great location to see old and new faces, as an exhibitor it’s the perfect place to meet new people and network. So good to see the talks programme is open to all, from exhibitors, designers to visitors – a very inclusive show.”

Milly Letcher, Weltek & Taiga Concept

“To see the different variations of talks, I have been to one at FIS, and also watched ‘creating an inclusive workspace’ both were really inspiring . Everything is really inspiring, and WDS formulates together all the different trends that you might miss out on.”

Kate Turgoose, Funding Circle

“I have a consultancy in Prague, where there is not much inspiration around, WDS has loads of inspiration, also it is nice to talk to the big people from architecture firms to gain further knowledge. The talks at the occupier room have been amazing, and everyone who talks are full of knowledge. Great overview of current trends and gives people the full picture of what is currently happening in the industry”

Johana Seldakova, European Leadership & Academic Institute

“There have been some pretty interesting solutions around, and it’s great to see the transition from the old to new more agile offices.”

Tuna Kakirman, Ami

“I have some clients that are visiting so it’s great to meet up with them and to see what is going on that they can use. I love Mutes stand, and it’s so nice to see there is much more than booths around, as after covid most companies where focusing on those, it has been a good mix. The new trends have been something that is clear around the show, and also the talks and presentations have been super helpful.”

Nikki Bytheway, Sixteen3

“I wanted to keep updated on the new trends of the industry and to see the talks that are going on. The design talks have been so informative. The different trends that have been displayed are amazing.”

Polly Wong, Atkins

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