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Head of Hospitality, Areen Design

“2020 has accelerated our ability to adapt and change as both the users of, and those charged with designing, spaces. I can see a real opportunity here to draw on the innovations we’ve seen across different sectors to deliver a truly hybrid working environment which is no longer tethered to its location, but to its subject. The Workspace Design Show is the perfect territory for this exploration.”

As a Creative Leader at Areen Design, Andrew is involved in, and monitors all aspects of a project: from initial client contact, brief and concept development through to documentation and site installation. His passion for delivering design solutions which add value, without compromising creative quality, is resolute.

Andrew has designed insightful interiors for many of the world’s leading operators, across a number of building typologies, including hotels, serviced apartments, offices, private residences and mixed use developments. The concept for each project is anchored in the site, situation and cultural condition of the building and the community it inhabits. Andrew believes that a design can only be considered to be effective if it achieves integration with its local environment, he explains “Functionality and efficiency may drive returns, but any building has to integrate the personality of the place and the people in each location to be truly successful.”

Areen Design is currently working on projects across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and China.

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