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Creative Director, AECOM

“We are just about to realise how unlivable most of today’s offices really were. Hopefully, we will see lots of experimental work. It is time to imagine the next generation of workspaces!”

Erik Behrens is an emerging international Architect and Creative Director at AECOM. His work is signified by ambitious designs, many defying traditional architectural conventions. He has designed architectural projects for various public sector clients, high-end developers and leading patrons of the Art and Design World including James Dyson and Karl Lagerfeld.

His current work includes the conversion of the iconic Waterloo Eurostar Terminal, the design of the new TBC Headquarter, a confidential Vertical Mixed-Use Tower in the ‘megatall’ building category and a series of Hyper Luxury Hotel projects. He recently participated also in a research project on the future of commercial and cultural spaces in an era of digital innovation with the writer and curator Aric Chen at the College of Design & Innovation at Tongji University.

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