Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

What to expect from Square Mile Farms at WDS 2021

You might notice a live, brightly coloured feature as you explore the Workplace Design Show….

Square Mile Farms are showcasing one of their innovative Farmstands and its growing ultra-fresh veg and herbs! They’ll be harvesting the produce grown in this hydroponic growing tower at 15:30 on Friday and making it available to attendees. Be sure to come along and collect (for free!) some greens that have been growing locally at the show over the last day or so! They’ll explain their Office Farming proposition and how it can contribute to workplace wellbeing, sustainability goals and drive employee engagement.

Square Mile Farms are on a mission to make urban farming a lifestyle by empowering urban consumers to make sustainable, healthy food choices through technology, knowledge and exceptional experiences. They achieve this by installing innovative Farms in offices and residences and providing the platform, tools and knowledge for learning around growing at home, nutrition and wellbeing.

“We’re excited to be attending the Workplace Design Show. For us it’s a great opportunity to tell our story to the people who are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to building happy and healthy workplaces.

The return to work post-covid has prompted a lot of discussion around sustainability, workplace wellbeing (both physical and mental) and employee experience. This ties into everything we are about as a business, as we aim to reconnect individuals with their food to the benefit of their health and that of the planet and create experiential workplaces that inspire creativity and innovation

The ongoing challenge in a hybrid workplace is providing reasons for people to go to the office. Many of our clients are looking for innovative ways of attracting people back to the office as their staff are expecting more than just a desk to work at when they do come in. We’ve had specific feedback from employees at our client sites that our Farms and the experience that we provide have given them that incentive.”