Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London


The Experts Behind Workspace Design Show

Workspace Design Show is shaped by some of the leading figures within the industry. Thanks to collaborating with such forward-thinking experts, Workspace Design Show is truly set to be the UK’s best workspace design-related event.

We have carried out a lot of research in the market about the positioning of the event, as workspaces are being re-defined, re-modelled and re-thought to fit new agile working environments. Exhibitions are born from the ideas that industry leaders have and the innovations and trends that develop from changes in workspaces.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our advisory board members who have ben integral in shaping the content of the event.

“Design Brands can’t wait to be able to exhibit their newest collections, especially to a qualified audience such as the UK A&D community. The Workspace Design Show is without a doubt the perfect opportunity to finally bring together again the best of the best of both worlds.”

Daniel Gava

Brand Strategy Advisor, Architecture & Design Industry

2020 has accelerated our ability to adapt and change as both the users of, and those charged with designing, spaces. I can see a real opportunity here to draw on the innovations we’ve seen across different sectors to deliver a truly hybrid working environment which is no longer tethered to its location, but to its subject. The Workspace Design Show is the perfect territory for this exploration.

Andrew Linwood

Head of Design , Areen Hospitality

“The Workspace Design Show is an opportunity for professionals in the design community to come together. I will be exploring the ways in which commercial spaces are going to develop and how we, as designers, will lead this evolution.”

Paul Nulty

Founder, Nulty Lighting

“After many moths of working from home and uncertainty of what the workplace of the future will be; I expect to see a great collaboration event that brings together various parties from the workplace sector to discuss the future of the workplace showcasing great products, exciting topics and talks.”

May Fawzy

Founder, MF Design Studio

“2020 was a catalyst for epic change in the world of work, the Workspace Design Show 2021 will be an amazing opportunity to see what’s next and explore how the workplace will continue to evolve.”

Kate Vine

Principal, Perkins & Will

“To design a workspace where users spend at least eight hours daily equals designing a third of people’s lives. In times like these more than ever, designers will challenge themselves to show unparalleled innovation and creativity for the users’ wellbeing. This show is the ideal place for us to find that inspiration.”

Raluca Timbala

Founder, RIT Interior Design

“I am excited for the opportunity to come together with like-minded professionals, all sharing a common ambition – to improve how we are working and the work environments that contribute so significantly to that.”

Charlie Green

Co-CEO, The Office Group (TOG)

“I’m looking forward to seeing and discussing how technology has accelerated changes to the way we work and how that is influencing how we redesign workspaces for the future. How the new workplace will need to offer more to attract people to come together into the same physical space to collaborate.”

Luke Tozer

Founder, Pitman Tozer Architects

“In this period unprecedented and rapid change, it will be fascinating to imagine how the future workspace will evolve.”

Stephen Philips

Associate Product Designer, Arup

“The COVID pandemic has crystallised the importance of health and wellbeing for workspace design. Workspace Design Show is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends and peers in the industry and learn about technological innovations.”

Susan Lake

Design Director, Susan Lake Lighting Design

“At Workspace Design Show, I am hoping to see how the emerging trends for home and flexible working are effecting the design approach of workspaces and the products within them.”

Matthew Holloway

Principal, Grimshaw Architects

“Workspace Design Show is a truly innovative model and a great opportunity to interact and hear from industry leading figures whilst experiencing the best quality products and solutions.”

Cristiano Testi

Principal Director, tp bennett

“The Workspace Design Show offers a great opportunity to share new ideas and thinking with the workplace and design community. We’re all going to need as much of that as possible!”

Neil Usher

Chief Workplace & Change Strategist, GoSpace AI

“This is a great opportunity to hear from a broad and diverse group of workplace industry leaders to inspire a new sense of place for greater collaboration, connection and creativity.”

Stephen Guy

Chief Integration Officer & Chief of Staff, McCann Worldgroup

“After almost a year of not being able to come together as an industry, I am looking forward to discussing how the world of work has changed forever, seeing all of the new products and materials that have been developed, and connecting with other creatives socially.”

Natasha Bonugli

Global Design Principle, Unispace

“We are just about to realise how unlivable most of today’s offices really were. Hopefully, we will see lots of experimental work. It is time to imagine the next generation of workspaces!”

Erik Behrens

Creative Director, AECOM

“I am very much looking forward to the prospect of being amid the huge variety of creatives that the Workspace show is going to bring together. Without a doubt we are going to see the reshaping of the working environment as we know it and it is very exciting to have the opportunity to connect with my peers as we venture into the future.”

Vidhi Sharma

Creative Director, Modus Workspace

“This is a challenging but exciting time to see how we, as designers can shape the new way of working and the future of office workspaces. I cannot wait to see what new innovations and creative solutions come to light.”

Lauren Lever

Founder, Lauren Lever Design

“The past year has had a huge impact not just on the spaces around us and how we operate in them, but on our thinking and behaviours more broadly. Workspace Design Talks 2021 will be a great opportunity to discuss how we can translate this new thinking into new extraordinary and innovative concepts, that can not only respond to change, but facilitate a positive future for our working lives.”

Anna Chimes

Executive Creative Director, Landor & Fitch

“I look forward to seeing the latest innovations and thought leadership around the future of workspace experience. To learn how the brightest design talent, manufactures and strategists are shaping and equipping the workspace of tomorrow for success today.”

Richard Benson

Creative Managing Director, Allen International (part of Accenture Interactive)

“I’m looking forward to what Workspace Design Show offers within products and ideas to challenge us designers & suppliers to up our game for the future market.”

Maz Mahmoudi

Founder, 3equals1 Design

“In these challenging times, Dthree Studio and the design and build (D&B) industry have demonstrated flexibility and ingenuity, and the power of creative design. At the Workspace Design Show, I am looking forward to discussing key trends that have emerged from the last year and those that will continue to influence the D&B industry as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Benjamin Grave

Director, Dthree Studio

“The Workspace Design Show offers the opportunity to champion new developments within this innovative market and showcase the evolution of the workplace within the post-pandemic era. As well as design and planning principles, the event can highlight the practical application of furniture solutions to create highly versatile environments with a focus on sustainability.”

Joanna Knight

Partner, The Knight Partnership

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