Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

About Workspace Design Show

Spearheading the transformation of workplace interiors

Workspace Design Show gathers the most creative businesses, architects, designers and end-user occupiers from around the world. Hosted in the heart of London, Workspace Design Show is the ultimate workplace interiors hub, attracting both local and international manufacturers, brands and suppliers.

For two exciting days, industry professionals and enthusiasts converge upon this remarkable showcase, immersing themselves in a world of innovative design.

Prepare to be captivated by a meticulously curated experience, as the Workspace Design Show encompasses 500+ products, 4 power-packed conferences, 135+ speakers, and lots more exciting features to touch, see and explore


Workspace Design Talks

Occupiers Forum

Networking Party

Sustainability Works

FIS Conference

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“I find the Workspace Design Show vital for staying informed on industry innovations, including new suppliers, products, materials, and finishes. It’s a hub for inspiring talks and a source of invaluable information and inspiration. I encourage professionals to attend for a burst of creativity and to discover unseen products in the market.”

Olivia Saxen, Workplace Design Lead, MYO for Landsec

“The Workspace Design
Show is significant for the UK, filling a long-missed gap for a workplace-centric event. It’s become a cornerstone for the industry, offering a comprehensive look at the supply chain, materials, products, and engaging speakers. This show is crucial for maintaining the UK’s vibrant workspace community.”

Matt Jackson, CEO of BDG architecture + design

“I have found the Workspace Design Show to be an invaluable platform. It allows us to showcase our recent product developments and solutions, directly engaging with industry professionals. The feedback and insights we gain from potential clients are immediate and enlightening. The
event has attracted a significant attendance, including both local and international customers and clients, highlighting its importance as a bustling hub for industry networking and exchange.”

Jose Hamp, Sales Director UK, Ireland, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Modulyss

“The Workspace Design Show is indispensable, bringing together service providers and occupiers and fostering thought leadership. It’s an excellent platform for collaboration, sharing new ideas, and discussing industry challenges and opportunities.”

Sarah-Jane Osborne, Head of Workplace UK and Europe at Avison Young

“The Workspace Design Show is a dynamic gathering that unites professionals around the evolving landscape of workplace design. I have been visiting frequently and it has allowed me to witness its evolution and the growing interest in ‘planting’— an innovative aspect within work environments. This trend underscores the importance of staying abreast with what’s leading in workplace design thinking. The show’s diverse panel discussions, led by distinguished speakers on compelling topics, are particularly enriching. The Workspace Design Show also has comprehensive blend of exhibits spanning various office concepts beyond mere furniture, addressing workplace trends, sustainability, and tackling pressing industry challenges. It’s an invaluable platform for gaining insights, exploring innovative solutions, and engaging deeply with the current and future states of our sector.”

Lydia Randall, Director - Head of Sustainability at BDG architecture + design

“I have had the opportunity to speak on sustainability at the Workspace Design Show. This event is crucial for bringing together various facets of our industry, including furniture, new technological solutions, and notably, sustainability. I highly recommend the Workspace Design Show as a source of inspiration. It offers a chance to engage with influential speakers on intriguing subjects and to explore innovative furniture and design solutions within our field. It’s an ideal venue for professionals looking to be inspired by the latest trends and discussions.”

Alison Grant, Senior Associate at HLW

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