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26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Cleaner Air, Productive Spaces: Oasis Plants Enhances Stevens & Bolton LLP’s Workplace

The Oasis Plants team completed a stunning installation for Stevens & Bolton LLP in Surrey. Throughout the joinery and shelving planting, they incorporated hydroculture plants, while opting for replica foliage for high and ceiling raft plantings. To add height and texture in the seating areas, Oasis Plants selected Kentia palms, Monstera, Chamaedorea palm, and Aglaonema.

Including Palms in the floor plan offered numerous benefits, particularly their efficiency in removing chemicals from the air, such as Benzene, Formaldehyde, Ammonia Benzyne, which are unfortunately present in the working environment due to car exhausts and man-made materials. Oasis Plants’ choice of these hard-working plants contributed to a cleaner and more productive workplace by purifying the air and releasing oxygen.

To soften the industrial structures as they matured, Oasis Plants utilized Scindapsus as trailing plants on the open shelving. These versatile plants thrive in a variety of lighting conditions, with their variegated leaves benefiting from some light exposure.

Throughout the office, Oasis Plants strategically placed Sansevieria as table and shelving plants. Known for their robustness and architectural appeal, Sansevieria can survive in most settings, making them a perfect choice for this project.