Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Embracing Sustainability and Innovation with Cascando at the Upcoming Expo

Today’s workspaces are not just about ergonomic chairs and well-lit desks; they are about fostering a culture that enhances productivity, creativity, and well-being. This is where Cascando’s genius lies, a company that has been complementing workspaces with smart, functional, and well-designed solutions for years, creating a positive office vibe that resonates through its innovative products.

Cascando’s Philosophy and the Modern Workspace
Cascando’s approach is deeply rooted in understanding the needs of modern workplaces. They know that employees seek connection and enjoyment at work, teams aim for productivity and a strong team spirit, and organisations desire an environment that strengthens their work culture and reflects their brand identity. Through their complementing collection, Cascando offers a range of products like hybrid organisers for dynamic work settings, social furniture for informal meetings, and functional acoustics that are both decorative and practical.

The Patio: A Beacon of Multifunctionality and Sustainability
One of Cascando’s standout innovations is Patio, a multifunctional room divider designed for the hybrid work environment of tomorrow. Patio not only provides visual and acoustic privacy but also enhances the productivity, connectivity, and well-being of individuals and teams. Whether it is the agile Patio Single, the versatile Patio Connect, the compact Patio Fold, or the storage-savvy Patio Double, each design is a testament to Cascando’s commitment to functionality and sustainability.

Patio’s multifunctional nature is inherently sustainable, designed to adapt to various needs without requiring additional resources or space alterations. Each element can be equipped with upholstered and acoustic panels, whiteboards, or video screens, making it a comprehensive solution for any workspace.

Cyclin: The Heart of Cascando’s Acoustic Innovation
A crucial aspect of Patio’s design is its use of Cyclin, an innovative material made from 100% recycled newspaper. This not only makes it a completely circular material but also gives it exceptional sound-absorbing properties. The use of Cyclin is a reflection of Cascando’s dedication to sustainability and innovation, with all production taking place within the Netherlands. This local production ensures reduced carbon footprints and supports local economies, aligning perfectly with Cascando’s sustainable practices.

Sustainable Choices in Materials and Designs
Cascando’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond Cyclin. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of sustainable fabrics for the upholstered panels, allowing for customisation that adheres to environmental standards. This choice empowers customers to participate actively in eco-friendly practices while enjoying top-tier design and functionality.

Looking Towards the Future
As noted by designer Robert Bronwasser, Patio is a people-centred design solution that responds adeptly to the five needs of the hybrid working world: flexibility, bonding, comfort, safety, and productivity. At the upcoming expo, Cascando’s display of Patio and other innovative products will showcase how they continue to lead the way in designing office spaces that are not only functional but are also hubs of creativity and sustainability.

As the expo approaches, it is clear that Cascando’s solutions are geared towards creating the offices of the future—spaces that are adaptive, sustainable, and designed with the well-being of their users in mind. Join in to see how Cascando is shaping the future of work, one space at a time.