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Explore The New Cabinet Tool In Vectorworks 2024

Designing interiors can be complex, with numerous factors like layout and materials to consider. However, the introduction of the Parametric Cabinet tool in Vectorworks 2024 simplifies this process significantly, offering interior designers an innovative way to create their client’s dream spaces.

This tool, found in the Furniture and Fixtures tool set, is a game-changer for designing custom base, wall, and tall cabinets. It offers a range of cabinet configurations from popular catalogs, enabling designers to unleash their creativity and design endless combinations.

The tool features standard and dynamic placement modes, facilitating the quick layout of kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces requiring cabinetry. For those interested in exploring its functionality, a video is available for an in-depth look.

Material and texture flexibility is a standout feature of the Parametric Cabinet tool. Designers can personalize 3D attributes, choosing to organize designs by class, texture, or material. This flexibility extends to reporting material quantities, aiding in project cost estimation and planning.

Texture override capabilities for interior faces, exteriors, and backs of cabinets allow for immense customization. Designers can tailor each element, including sides, interiors, and shelves, adding depth and character to their virtual creations.

The tool also offers extensive choices in 2D attributes. Separate Classes can be used to highlight details and features of each cabinet type, like emphasizing swings and toekicks in top/plan views. This customization not only enhances the design’s visual appeal but also aids in accurately communicating detailed information to clients or builders.

Whether for residential or commercial projects, the ability to set separate classes for cabinet components enhances the design process. It ensures clear communication, precise detailing, and a design that meets the unique needs and preferences of clients.

The Parametric Cabinet tool also supports the creation of 3D views, in addition to top/plan and section views, offering a comprehensive way to present designs.

Moreover, the tool includes an expanded range of manufacturer catalogs, providing more parameters for each part and customizable options. This expansion covers a variety of styles, from sleek modern designs to classic traditional ones, sourced from industry-leading and emerging brands.

In summary, the Parametric Cabinet tool in Vectorworks 2024 offers interior designers a powerful and flexible solution for creating custom cabinetry, enhancing both the design process and the final outcome. To find out more information, visit Vectorworks.