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Linak Desk Panel DPI Wins Red Dot Design Award For Product Design

The LINAK Desk Panel DPI has garnered recognition with a 2023 Red Dot Award in the “Product Design” category, a testament to its innovative design and functionality. Highlighting its intuitive design and a novel anti-collision feature, this product stands out in the annual Red Dot Award: Product Design, which seeks to honor outstanding designs in products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally smart and innovative.

This year, the LINAK Desk Panel DPI series, recognized for its streamlined appearance, ease of use, and an integrated anti-collision sensor, has earned the prestigious Red Dot Award. This award is a notable achievement in the world of design, showcasing LINAK’s commitment to combining aesthetic design with practical innovation.

For LINAK, receiving a Red Dot in the Product Design 2023 category is an honor, reflecting their focus on innovative design in the development of the DPI desk panel series. The series features a sleek, slim design without traditional buttons, moving advanced features to an app for ease of use and updates, thereby extending the product’s longevity.

A notable innovation in the DPI series is the inclusion of a built-in anti-collision sensor, a first for LINAK desk panels. This feature enhances safety and functionality by preventing damage during desk movement.

The Red Dot Jury was particularly impressed by the built-in anti-collision sensor and the desk’s ease of height adjustment through a simple paddle tilting mechanism, allowing users to adjust the desk without diverting their attention from their work.

The DPI series is showcased in the Red Dot online exhibition and can be further explored on the product pages for the DPI1K and DPI1C models. Both models feature the innovative anti-collision desk sensor, underscoring LINAK’s commitment to protective design in sit-stand desks.

Additionally, the DPI series has previously been recognized for its design excellence, receiving a “Special Mention” award at the German Innovation Awards and marking LINAK’s second Red Dot award following their win for the DPG series of desk panels in 2018.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design, with a history dating back to 1955, annually recognizes the best products for their outstanding design and innovation. The award is highly competitive, with entries from 60 countries and 51 categories, judged by an international jury of 43 members, emphasizing the significance of LINAK’s achievement with the DPI series.