Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Logovisual Introduces Revolutionary ThinkingWall® Acoustic Cupboard Combi

Logovisual has recently introduced the ThinkingWall® Acoustic Cupboard Combi, a versatile and innovative addition to modern workplaces. This new piece of furniture combines multiple functions, catering to the dynamic needs of contemporary office environments.

Functionality and Flexibility

The ThinkingWall® Acoustic Cupboard Combi is designed to serve various purposes. It functions as a presentation board, facilitating collaborative meetings and idea-sharing sessions. Additionally, it offers substantial storage space for office essentials, contributing to a tidy and organised work area.

As a mobile room divider, the unit enhances privacy and reduces distractions, fostering a more concentrated work environment. Its portability allows it to be conveniently moved across different areas of the office, making it ideal for team gatherings, brainstorming, or presentations.

Mobility and Adaptability

Equipped with sturdy, lockable castors, the Acoustic Cupboard Combi can be easily transported and positioned as needed. An optional AV screen with battery power adds further versatility, freeing the unit from reliance on mains power. This mobility ensures the unit can be used effectively in various configurations, from central room positions to more secluded corners, adapting to the specific requirements of any meeting or task.

Enhancing Workplace Productivity

The unit features the high-quality ThinkingWall® whiteboard surface, enabling efficient brainstorming, concept visualisation, and note-taking. This interactive surface promotes collaborative creativity and helps keep ideas and plans organised and visible, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Storage Solutions and Aesthetics

The Acoustic Cupboard Combi provides ample storage, including open shelving and a low cupboard with whiteboard doors. The top shelving is ideal for displaying plants, introducing a natural element into the workspace while maintaining an open and connected feel. The unit’s design, combining professional aesthetics with modern lines, complements various office interiors. Available in different colours and finishes, it offers style and functionality to any workspace.

Debuted at the Workspace Design Show in February 2023, the ThinkingWall® Acoustic Cupboard Combi is now available for order on the Logovisual website.