Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Nebrak: Sustainability at the Core of Workplace Refreshment Furniture Solutions

At Nebrak, sustainability is more than a principle—it’s the bedrock of their workplace refreshment furniture solutions, guiding them from inception to completion. Every step of their production process, from their own factory in Devon, reflects an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, starting with initial surveys that optimise space to the planning of installation logistics. During the design phase, the team not only champions but also introduces clients to the latest material and equipment innovations that promote sustainability without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.

Commitment to Sustainable Materials and Partnerships
Nebrak handpicks partners who align with their values, placing sustainability at the forefront alongside durability and circularity. Brands such as Egger and Kronospan, known for their commitment to responsible wood usage and ongoing efforts to enhance environmental practices, are integral to Nebrak’s ethos. Additionally, they source from solid surface specialists like Durasein, renowned for their eco-friendly attributes, durability, and recyclability, surpassing natural stone alternatives.

Innovative Refreshment Solutions
The Refreshment Destination collection has evolved to accommodate the latest in smart taps, as showcased at WDS London 2024. These solutions enable clients to provide a practical and sustainable hydration alternative to bottled water that’s energy-efficient and eliminates single-use plastic, contributing to a positive move towards Net Zero. In line with their commitment to energy efficiency, all Nebrak furniture solutions feature LED lighting options, offering significant energy savings, longevity, and aesthetic enhancement. This custom-designed approach ensures seamless integration of lighting, crucial for showcasing equipment, food, and beverages in vending and automated retail solutions.

Integrating Sustainable Practices
Nebrak prioritises on-site recycling by incorporating recycling units and chutes into their designs, making sustainable practices an integral part of workplace refreshment, not an afterthought. Moreover, their dedication to sustainability extends well beyond installation. Specialising in bespoke solutions enables Nebrak to deliver new and adapt, upgrade, add to, or relocate existing installations with ease, drastically reducing the need for new projects and minimising environmental impact while meeting evolving needs.

Landfill Diversion Strategy
In line with this commitment, Nebrak has introduced a new landfill diversion strategy in partnership with Biffa. This strategic collaboration enables Nebrak to closely monitor their wood wastage and reaffirm their commitment to recycling. By meticulously tracking waste output, Nebrak can implement more effective recycling practices, further reducing their environmental footprint and promoting a circular economy.

Adapting to Changing Demands
As businesses evolve, Nebrak’s design and joinery expertise ensure that workplace refreshment solutions can effortlessly adapt to changing demands. This flexibility not only promotes sustainability by extending the lifespan of existing assets but also offers commute-worthy solutions that evolve with requirements over time.

Continuous Journey of Sustainability
At Nebrak, sustainability isn’t just about initial creation; it’s about ensuring that solutions continue to serve clients and the environment in the most efficient and responsible manner possible. It’s a continuous journey towards a more sustainable future.