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26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

OJMAR Launches OCS Smart: A New Era in Electronic Locker Security

OJMAR has introduced a groundbreaking addition to the world of office and hybrid workspace security: the OCS Smart Lock. This advanced electronic lock represents a significant leap in locker security, offering both convenience and reliability.

At the heart of the OCS Smart Lock is its innovative dual technology, enabling access through either a smartphone or a numeric keypad. This feature is particularly useful in instances where a phone battery may be depleted. The lock’s compatibility with both Android and iOS systems, coupled with a user-friendly app, allows users to easily set and modify their personal access codes.

The OCS Smart Lock is not only user-centric but also environmentally conscious. It operates on renewable batteries that can last up to five years, reflecting a commitment to sustainable design. Additionally, the lock is manufactured in an EU-based facility that uses 100% renewable energy and sources materials from local suppliers.

Facility Managers benefit from a dedicated maintenance app, providing comprehensive control over the lock’s functions. This app offers versatile settings for both temporary and long-term locker use, and includes features for conducting detailed lock audits, monitoring operational efficiency, and checking battery levels.

With the introduction of the OCS Smart Lock, OJMAR is setting a new standard in secure and sustainable locker solutions for workspaces, enhancing the overall user experience in modern office environments.