Workspace Design Show

26 – 27 February 2025 | Business Design Centre, London

Rosa Colet transforms an industrial loft into collaborative offices that connect with the senses in collaboration with Actiu

Rosa Colet’s interior design studio in Barcelona has been in charge of renovating an old industrial loft that has been converted into the new offices of the technology company, Tpartner Network Services, in which various work and socialisation areas furnished with Actiu furniture have been defined to enhance their versatility.

“The image that used to be associated with the word “office” has been lost, where a grey, boring panorama was drawn in which people spent a large part of their lives. Now the concept of an office is much broader and its proposal is more closely tied to the senses. It is an attitude towards work and an extension of our activity during the day, a space for interactivity and collaboration, social life, collective performance and individual work. The spaces have to be an enhancer of what you want to happen around them, inviting you to feel, share and experiment,” explains Rosa Colet.

That vision of a workspace is related to the Cool Working philosophy of the furniture manufacturer Actiu, whose pieces have been included in this project by the interior design studio. In this regard, the brand defines much more flexible and versatile spaces in which you can work individually or as a team, being able to train, concentrate and socialise with the rest of the team.

“The hybrid world has totally changed the function and use of workspaces. Thanks to comfortable environments with a motivating design, we can attract people, as well as foster their enthusiasm, creativity and teamwork. All this without forgetting about having areas for concentration and privacy to make them feel at home” says the Counsellor and Head of Corporate Reputation at Actiu, Soledat Berbegal. “New work methodologies also require agile and flexible spaces. With her vision of this space, Rosa Colet achieves precisely that: the definition of an environment in which you can work and socialise with a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere,” concludes Berbegal.

In this regard, Tpartner Network Services was looking for a different space where they could feel comfortable and create a good working environment. Thus, Rosa Colet’s studio was in charge of converting these industrial spaces into a modern professional environment, restoring and tailoring the facilities to adapt them to their new functions.

The space, which has more than 300 square metres of office space, can hold up to 50 people. Inside, the high ceilings and roof skylights filter the natural light, while the adjacent terrace invites you to coexist with peers and enjoy the outdoors.

Inside, differentiated areas have been created, preserving the amplitude and visual continuity in materials and colours, combined with plant elements that allow for the integration of biophilic design into the workspace and with the drawings by the illustrator Mar Torrano.

“We like to include graphic resources that easily explain what the company does and what its values are. In this case, we have turned to the illustrator, Mar Torrano, to produce these graphics, painted directly on the irregular walls and using yellow as an expressive base, in combination with the furniture for a cohesive look,” explains the interior designer.

These same tones have been replicated in Actiu’s Stay office chairs that furnish the open workspaces and the island that, like a crescent, is made up of the Bend soft seating collection, favouring comfort and conversation. Wing chairs, Tabula tables and Noom 50 chairs allow for the creation of auxiliary spaces at various spots in the facilities where occupants can get a coffee or hold an informal meeting, depending on the needs of each project and each moment of the day.

The executive offices, for their part, have been kept separate with an iron and glass structure that keeps their interior in sight. An interior in which the Noom armchairs comfortably welcome visitors. The same range has also been included in the open kitchen area, which is naturally integrated with the facility’s designated workspace. The workspaces also have Vital tables and the executive offices have been furnished with a piece from the Prisma range.

“We trust Actiu because they are able to offer different types of furniture, both in the workspace and in the relaxation areas. They have fun and versatile elements that can easily furnish an office, giving the different areas an aesthetic and colourful twist. We have been placing our trust in the brand for many years and they have always responded in a very professional and attentive way, adapting at all times to the unique characteristics of the business and its proposals. Yet another reason to work with companies that have personal values,” highlights Rosa Colet.