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Inclusive Design Lead within Service, Design & User Experience, HMRC

I am currently working within HMRC Government Hubs Programme alongside industry leading experts such as Aecom and CIC to ensure we are delivering inclusive and welcoming workplaces for all colleagues, whilst also ensuring that our Inclusive Design Guide remains alive and at the front and centre of the minds of all those involved in the Programme.

Our success in achieving the first ever CIC Inclusive Environment at Project Level accreditation for our Edinburgh Office, along with accreditation for two subsequent sites, is one of my highlight of the last 18 months and I am now working to ensure all our new sites attain that same accreditation.

I have a project and change management background and prior to joining HMRC 5 years ago I worked in the private sector, in the main financial services, so have had many years of navigating compliance and red tape which has been invaluable experience for my current role.

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